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April 1st - 14th, 2020

During this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic and with our community and world-wide efforts to shelter in place, we are offering a little fun for you and your family/household through a game of Virtual Farm BINGO!

Here's how to play:

1.  Choose a BINGO board that is already filled-in (there are 5 to choose from), or fill in your own BINGO board with words and items provided on the BINGO board blank sheet.

BINGO board blank (print out and fill in the spaces)

Filled-in BINGO boards:

BINGO board #1

BINGO board #2

BINGO board #3

BINGO board #4

BINGO board #5

2.  Starting on April 1st, at random times throughout the day, we will be posting photos and videos on all of our social media outlets (Facebook and Instagram) and this website, that contain a BINGO word or words.  The first person in your household to get 5 words across, down, or diagonal is the winner of the game.  The center square is a FREE space.

3.  We will be announcing  a total of 30 words in the two weeks, so you can continue to play even after a BINGO and go for a BINGO blackout (you are able to cross out all the words on the BINGO board).

4. You can share your BINGO board online with other players by using #virtualfarmbingo and tagging @cvpumpkinfarm.  Good luck!

Virtual Farm BINGO photos and videos by day

Wed. april 1st


BINGO word #1: Seed Sprout


We found this volunteer bean seed sprouting in our garden.  We get a lot of fun plants that grow on their own in random places!


BINGO word #2: Paris (Resident chicken)


Meet Paris!  She is a Cuckoo Maran and one of our newer hens, just two years old.  She lays beautiful chocolate brown eggs.

Her breed comes from France, which is why we named her 'Paris'!

thurs. april 2nd

BINGO word #3: Speedy (resident goat)


Here is Speedy, one of our resident goats sharpening his horns on a beam.  He is quite the acrobat and loves to jump and climb on things.  

See the brown goat in the background looking at Speedy and wondering what he is up to now?  That is Pixie, our oldest goat.  She keeps a good watch on the other goats.

BINGO word #4: Pixie (resident goat)

fri. april 3rd

BINGO word #5: Shovel

BINGO word #6: Worm

The shovel is a handy tool to have around the farm.  We do a lot of digging!  It is fun to dig in the garden and look for worms.  The more worms we see, the happier we are because worms are a really big help in making rich soil!


More on why worms are good for the soil.



BINGO word #7: Watering Can

The watering can comes in handy to water plants and flowers that are out of reach from the garden water hose.



sat. april 4th

BINGO word #8: Lawnmower

The farm is 6 acres, and this time of year that means we do a lot of lawn-mowing.  Sometimes it's fun to go on turbo speed!



sun. april 5th


BINGO word #9: Lemon Tree


Our lemon tree is loaded with delicious lemons this time of year!

BINGO word #10: Anna's Hummingbird


These little hummingbirds are fast are really hard to capture on video!  We did capture one feeding at the flowers....can you spot it?

Hint: : look at the middle group of flowers that are moving a little bit.

For up-close photos and more information on these cute and fast hummingbirds, visit:

mon. april 6th


BINGO word #11: Bird Nest


Here is a bird nest made of sticks high up in a tree on our farm.  We haven't seen any birds in the nest, so we don't know who it belongs to.  Any guesses?


BINGO word #12: Wheat


Wheat seeds are often dropped from the straw bales we bring to the farm in October.  In the Spring, we see wheat growing up in random places.  Right now the wheat is green and in another month or so it will dry and turn golden/yellow.

TUES. april 7th

Jackpot!  Three bingo words in one video!

BINGO word #13: Slug

BINGO word #14: Roly Poly/Pillbug

BINGO word #15: Millipede


Watch the video to see what bugs we found living under the tree stump!

WED. april 8th


BINGO word #16: Wheelbarrow


This wheelbarrow retired from its original job of hauling dirt, rocks, and just about anything else. Now it displays flowers!


BINGO word #17: Insect Eggs


This is an egg case of a praying mantis!  Also called an "ootheca".  We found this on the side of a wooden barrel that we plant flowers in.  This egg case can contain anywhere from a few dozen to 400 eggs!

THURS. april 9th

BINGO word #18: Little Brown (resident goat)


Good morning from Little Brown, one of our goats!  Little Brown has a sweet personality, we often call him our "teddy bear".  You'll also notice Pixie, a goat, in the background making another appearance....she was BINGO word #4.


Meet Miss Abigail Tailfeathers!  

BINGO word #19: Abigail Tailfeathers (resident chicken)


Abigail Tailfeathers is a Speckled Sussex and got her great name from a farm Facebook contest we ran a few years ago!

fri. april 10th


BINGO word #20: Beetle


Found this black beetle crawling around on an old piece of wood.

Only 10 more BINGO words to be announced...any BINGOs?  Share online by adding #virtualfarmbingo and tag @cvpumpkinfarm.


BINGO word #21: Chester (resident dog)


Chester is the farm dog and he loves to be outside and help with all the farm chores!  He is a Golden Retriever and 10 years old.

Chester also made a brief appearance in the digging video on Friday, April 3rd....can you spot him??

SAT. april 11th

BINGO word #22: Lavender

BINGO word #23: Bumblebee

Lavender plants are great for attracting pollinators to the garden - as you can see the bumblebees love it!



Sun. april 12th

BINGO word #24: Chicken Egg

One of our favorite farm chores is checking the chicken coop everyday to see how many eggs there are.  Today there were three!

Sydney laid the greenish-blue egg.

Paris laid the dark brown egg.

And Elsie laid the light brown egg.




BINGO word #25: Hollyhock

These beautiful flowers can grow up to 8 feet tall!



MOn. april 13th


BINGO word #26: Birdhouse

This a birdhouse made specifically to attract Western Bluebirds.  We just put it up in February, haven't gotten any residents yet!




BINGO word #27: Turkey

It seems like everyday we get a rafter (that's what a group of turkeys are called) walking though the farm.  If you live nearby, you probably see a lot of turkeys too!



TUES. april 14th

It's our final day of Virtual Farm BINGO - how is your BINGO board looking?  We'll be announcing the last three BINGO words today.  Good luck!


BINGO word #28: Earwig


Found a gold mine of earwigs under this straw bale!  Don't worry - it's just a myth that they crawl into and infest people's ears!



BINGO word #29: California Poppy

This is the time of year when our State Flower, the California Poppy, is in full bloom!  We are lucky to have quite a few flowers blooming here on the farm.




BINGO word #30: Sydney (resident chicken)

Sydney is an Ameraucana chicken, and one of the few chicken breeds to lay blue eggs.  Tomorrow (April 15th) is Sydney's 4th birthday!

This concludes our game of Virtual Farm BINGO.  Thank you for playing and we hope you had fun!  Stay safe and healthy!



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