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We will miss seeing you this fall!  We made these videos to share with you some of the fun things at our farm.

PUMPKIN VARIETITES PART I: Learn the names of different orange pumpkins. Length: 1:45

PUMPKIN VARIETITES PART II: Learn the names of different colors of pumpkins. Length: 2:16

PARTS OF A PUMPKIN: See all 7 parts of a pumpkin. Length: 2:08

GIANT PUMPKINS: See some of the giant pumpkins we've had at the farm. Length: 1:42

DOES A PUMPKIN SINK OR FLOAT IN WATER? Join us for an experiment to see if pumpkins sink or float. Length: 1:51

PUMPKIN VOLCANO: Combine common kitchen ingredients to make a volcano erupt out of a pumpkin.

Length: 1:57

PUMPKIN MATH PART I: Measure the circumference of a pumpkin.

Length: 2:23

PUMPKIN MATH PART II: Weigh a pumpkin and count the seeds.

Length: 2:09

CORN GRINDING PART I: See a grinding stone in action.

Length: 1:16

CORN VARIETIES: Learn about three different varieties of corn.

Length: 1:38

CORN SCAVENGER HUNT: Learn about different products that have corn as an ingredient.

Length: 2:59

CORN GRINDING PART II: Watch a corn sheller and corn grinder do the work! Length: 1:25

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