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The Plumpkins


The Secret Valley of the Plumpkins is nestled deep within the foothills of Mount Diablo.  It is a place full of wonder and awe.  Every year, the Plumpkins grow and harvest magical pumpkins that are then secretly placed among the regular pumpkins growing in the fields.   The legend of the Secret Valley says that when the full moon shines brightly on the field of pumpkins, just for an instant, each of the magical pumpkins will begin to glow.  Special things happen to the lucky boys and girls who happen to pick one of these enchanted pumpkins for their very own.


Rollin A. Plumpkin, Penelopie, and Little Carver are a family of Plumpkins who live in the Secret Valley.


Rollin A. Plumpkin


Rollin is the head Plumpkin who looks over the entire Secret Valley.  He is in charge of planting the pumpkins and caring for them up until harvest.  Rollin works hard every year to make sure they grow the biggest and most gorgeous pumpkins in all the land.  There are always tough jobs to do, but he always finds a way to make the toughest jobs lots of fun while working together with the other Plumpkins.


Penelopie Plumpkin


Penelopie is sweet and kind and loves to make pumpkin pies to deliver to all the other Plumpkins living in the Secret Valley.  She is responsible for making the Secret Valley as beautiful as it can be. One of her special jobs is planting pretty flowers that bloom all year long.  During harvest season, you’ll often find Penelopie driving one of the tractors in the fields to harvest all the magical pumpkins.

Little Carver2.jpg

Little Carver Plumpkin


Little Carver is one mischievous little fellow!  Often you can find him smashing through the cornstalks or bouncing on top of the giant pumpkins.  Although he is quite young, Little Carver has been given one of the most important jobs in the Secret Valley.  Every Autumn, Little Carver slips out of the Secret Valley and travels to the fields where the farmer’s pumpkins are growing. He then carefully places the magical pumpkins grown in the Secret Valley in the fields where the farmer’s pumpkins are growing. A few lucky boys and girls will pick these pumpkins to take home every year.


The Plumpkins and all Plumpkin characters are copyright with Harvest Magic, INC.

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