A kit for kids that has seeds to plant and seeds to play with!  

This kit contains:

  • 12 peat pots
  • 12 peat pellets
  • 12 plant marker sticks
  • 4 activity cards
  • 1 seed information card
  • 1 container Wikki Stix
  • 1 packet each of 100 Beet Chioggia Guardsmark Organic seeds, 50 Pea seeds (Variety: PLS 534 Organic), 50 Bean Antiqua seeds, 50 Gray Stripe Sunflower seeds, 30 Small Sugar Pumpkin seeds, 30 Birdhouse Bottle Gourd seeds
  • 1 seed box
  • 1 plastic cup


Plant the seeds to start your own garden (Planting directions included in the kit) and use the remaining seeds to play and create art.  There are four double-sided activity cards included in the kit and more ways to play listed on our website.


Everything in the box can be used!

  • Color and decorate the lid of the seed box.  The box lid can be used as a tray to lay out seeds when playing and creating.  Seeds, activity cards, and Wikki Stix can all be stored in the seed box.
  • Use the cotton sheet in the seed box and the clear plastic cup to plant a seed and watch it germinate.
  • Make a seed guessing box out of the mailing box by cutting out the circles on the side of the box.  Put hands through the holes and have a friend place a seed in your hand and try to guess what seed it is.
  • Use the crinkle paper to make seed starter pots.

Plant & Play Kit for Kids

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  • To keep our packaging consumption as low as possible, this product ships in a cardboard box with the postage label on the exterior.