Mystery postcards are a fun way to stay in touch with family and friends!  Who doesn't love getting mail?  And children will love to solve the mystery!  Each postcard they receive from you gets them one step closer to solving the mystery.


The Mystery of the Missing Potion Ingredient:

Oh no!  The witches' pet toad has been turned into a stone.  The witches need to make a magic potion to get their toad back but they are missing one ingredient for the potion, and they don't know what it is!  Each witch brings something to add to the potion in hopes that it will be the missing ingredient.  Do you have a guess of which witch brought the right ingredient?


You will receive six 5"x 7" postcards to mail to that special someone.  Postcards can be mailed a few days apart and must be sent in a particular order.


Here’s how this mystery works:

  • The first postcard is full color and describes the mystery. 
  • The next four postcards are drawings of individual witches that can be colored.  On the back of these postcards is a decoder message that will help solve the mystery. 
  • The final and sixth postcard is a drawing of a toad that can be colored. This postcard reveals the missing ingredient, which will allow the receiver to solve the mystery.


The postcards are over-sized and require a first-class postage stamp for mailing in the United States.  Postage not included.


The Missing Potion Ingredient mystery postcard set is catered to children ages 5 and up.

Mystery Postcard Set: The Mystery of the Missing Potion Ingredient

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