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Shock O Lat

Cutting Flower

A beautiful combination of two colors: rich chocolate brown and golden yellow edges.  No two flowers are exactly alike!



Cutting Flower

Rich orange petals with a dark center makes this a stand-out sunflower.  Soraya is an All-American Selections Winner.



Cutting Flower

Valentine is a favorite of ours because it stays in bloom several weeks longer than other varieties.  A beautiful lemon sherbet colored petals around dark chocolate centers.


Gray Stripe

Seed Flower

If you love sunflower seeds, this is the sunflower to plant!  It will produce a whopper of a crop of seeds.

lemon aura.jpg

Lemon Aura

Cutting Flower

Love this sunflower because of the semi-double flowers in pale yellow with a subtle green center.



Potted Sunflower

This is a small potted sunflower that will bring lots of smiles and happiness. Best of all it's portable!

Our Favorites

Photo credits: Harris Seeds

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