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Fun for kids this Halloween

Pumpkin Fairy Coloring Sheets

pumpkin fairy plain.JPG

The pumpkin fairies live in the Secret Valley of the Plumpkins. Every October they harvest magical mini pumpkins, then sprinkle them with gold fairy dust.  The legend of the Secret Valley says that special things happen to the person who receives one of these magical pumpkins. Download and Print!

Little Carver Firefighter Color Sheet


In 2015 the Valley Fire ravaged Lake County, and as a way to honor and say thank you to the firefighters and first responders, our yearly color sheet featured Little Carver in a firefighter outfit.  The sentiment is just as true today as thousands of firefighters battle wildfires all along the west coast of the United States. THANK YOU to all the firefighters and first responders for your continuous hard work and dedication to keeping us all safe.

You can download and print this color sheet by clicking on the image.

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