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Growing Tips

  • Sunflowers got their name for a reason - they love sun!  Plant them in a sunny spot where they will get at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily.

  • If you have poor soil, add a light application of a slow-release granular fertilizer about 8 inches deep in the soil.

  • Sunflowers are drought tolerant and do fine with an occasional watering in the driest weather after they are established.

  • When your sunflower is tall and big, be alert for heavy winds in the weather forecast.  Delay watering the sunflowers prior to the winds to reduce the risk of the sunflowers blowing over.

  • If you want to harvest as many seeds as possible, watch for the seeds begin to form on the sunflower, then place a loose burlap bag, paper bag, or mesh bag over the flower head to keep birds from eating the seeds.


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