Sunflower Games & Activities


Draw sunflowers on a piece of paper and write a number in each flower center.  Children can count and put the corresponding number of seeds into the middle.



Gently fold a toilet paper roll in half to make a leaf shape for the leaves of the sunflower.  Use the toilet paper roll as a stamp and dip it in paint to make the leaves of the sunflower.  Using a piece of bubble wrap, dip it in brown paper, then stamp it in the middle of the sunflower to make the seeds.


Gather a group of people who want to grow a sunflower.  Set a date of when you will measure the sunflower and have some fun comparing your sunflowers as they grow.  You can judge the winning sunflower on height, the dimension of the sunflower head, or number of seeds.



Draw the shape of a petal on a yellow piece of paper.  Cut out the petal and use it to trace around to make more petals on yellow paper.  Cut out the center of a paper plate.  Glue the petals to the back side of the plate.  Affix a paint stick/ruler/popsicle stick to the paper plate to use as a holder.  Put your face through the middle!


PLant the seeds

Help the farmer get their sunflower seeds planted!  Cut 2 holes in a paper plate.  Draw seedlings and plants in the center of the plate.  Drop sunflower seeds into the plate and wiggle it around to drop the seeds down the hole.  Adjust the level of difficulty by making the hole smaller.

Looking for an extra challenge?  Place several different seeds in with the sunflower seeds.  Try to drop only the sunflower seeds down the holes.