Our new children's story titled, Who Visits You? A Season of Change, Discovery, and Hope can now be viewed or downloaded as a PDF for free.  The story helps to remind us to look for the good amidst this historical life change for everyone in the world with the rise and spread of COVID-19.  Even though many of our favorite places are closed during the pandemic, there are ways to stay connected to those around us and to our local communities.  We want to encourage you to get to know your neighbors, and explore nature, wildlife, and insects in your area. 

We would like to thank Millie and Ava Watters who beautifully illustrated this story and brought the words to life.  And we never want to forget the essential workers who are true heroes.  Our world needs you and we greatly appreciate you.

Be strong and stay safe!  We will see you again soon!



Our Spring Science Program has always been one of our most favorite events, as we share our farm with happy, excited students and wonderful teachers.  We truly love this program and it means the world to us to be able to be here each year for you and your students.


Unfortunately, we are all now in the midst of something the world could never have expected ---  the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our priority has always been a completely safe learning environment for teachers, students, and staff, but the rapid progression of this disease will make this all but impossible.  At present, we have no confirmed cases of the COVID-19 at the farm, but with large groups of visitors coming in, there would be no reasonable way to isolate or guarantee against additional communal spread of the disease.


As such, we have been left with the very difficult decision of cancelling our Spring Science Program for the 2020 season.  (Group reservation dates are from April 14th to May 13th).  We felt it best to notify everyone as soon as possible, especially all the teachers who have made reservations, so they can make any necessary changes, notify parents, cancel buses, and so forth. 


Going forward, we will begin preparing for our Fall Pumpkin Field Trips, and yes, our Spring Science Program for 2021.  We look forward to seeing you during these events in the coming months.

While we will greatly miss seeing all our wonderful teachers, parents, and students this Spring, we know it is the best decision to keep everyone safe during these uncharted times as we navigate COVID-19 together.  Thank you for your continued support and we wish you safety and well-being during this time.



Thanks for playing Virtual Farm BINGO with us!  The game ended on April 14th, but you can still see all the daily photo and video updates here.


4-H At Home Activity Guide has tons of creative projects, games, and learning activities.


Bring the wildlife - insects, animals, and birds inside your home with you! has a collection of Live Animal Cams from all over the world.  Watch a great horned owl nest, a bee hive, a litter of puppies, a donkey barn, and so much more, all live!  It is so amazing to see animals in their natural habitat just doing their thing!


Thank you to KidsGardening and National Gardening Bureau for this resource.

KidsGardening and National Gardening Bureau has put together a list of kids gardening activities for ideas to help kids get outside during the shelter in place.

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For the safety and comfort of all our guests, please no pets.  Service animals only.

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